Camilla Solberg is an artist living and working in Kristiansand, Norway. She has a BA in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland (2007), and a BA in Art and Craft from University of Agder, Norway (2014).


Camilla Solberg bor og jobber i Kristiansand. Hun har en BA i skulptur fra Edinburgh College of Art i Skottland (2007) og en BA i Kunst og Håndverk fra UiA, Kristiansand (2014).


contact: csrodland(@)hotmail.com; +(47) 93 68 55 32


CV – Camilla Solberg | csrodland(@)hotmail.com

BA Sculpture – Edinburgh College of Art, Skottland (2007)
Bachelor Kunst og håndverk, UiA (2014)

2003 Graduation exhibition 1 year, Foundation studies, Agder School of Art and Design
2004 Graduation exhibition 2nd year Sculpture, Shoreline, Agder School of Art and Design
2006 Drawing exhibition, Andrew Grant Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art
2006 Sculpture Court exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art
2006 Collaborative project, RMJM architect firm, Edinburgh College of Art
2007 Sculpture Court Exhibition, Simmer Down, Edinburgh College of Art
2007 Graduation Exhibition 3rd year Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art
2007 HATCH 07, Agder Kunstnersenter, Kristiansand, Norge
2008 Odderøya Open, Kristiansand
2008 Snø skulptur Hovden 08, Hovden, Norge
2009 Snø skulptur Hovden 09, Hovden, Norge
2010 Snø skulptur Hovden 10, Hovden, Norge
2010 Odderøya Open, Kristisansand
2010 Sandskulptur, Tall ships race, Kristiansand
2011 Diverse Diverse, Kristiansand Kunstforening
2012 Odderøya Open, Kristiansand
2012 Kunstprosjekt i samarbeid med Abup, Kristiansand
2014 Eksamensutstilling, Vrimlehallen, Universitetet i Agder
2014 Odderøya Open, Kristiansand
2015 Odderøya Open, Kristiansand. Installasjon; Vind i seilene, i forbindelse med Tall ships Races 2015.
2015 Stipendutstilling 2015, Agder Kunstnersenter, Kristiansand
2016 Stipendutstilling 2016, Bakgården, Kristiansand
2017 Hatch Jubileumsutstilling, Kristiansand

2008 Stipend fra Cultiva Ekspress, Norge
2010 Stipend fra Cultiva Ekspress, Norge
2012 Stipend fra Cultiva Ekspress, Norge
2015 Stipend fra Cultiva Ekspress, Norge
2015 Diversestipend, Statens kunstnerstipend, Kulturrådet

2009 Jurymedlem, Ungdommens Kulturmønstring 09
2010 Jurymedlem, Ungdommens Kulturmønstring 10
2015 Skulptur utstilt på advokat Geir Skiviks kontor, Kristiansand

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